decoiler در 5Tons هیدرولیک با ماشین سیم پیچ

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Gihua Roll Forming Machine
1.Gihua guarantees our machines can run 15 years in buyer factory,maximizing customer investment profit.
2.Gihua supplies lifetime services for our machines.
3.Simple to install and easy to maintain.
Our machines are well installed and tested before delivery. You only need to connect some tubes and wires in your factory. Video and manual will show you how to do.
Our experience technicians can go to your factory and train your workers.

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Technical Parameters of Metal Rolling Machine

Single unrolling machine, one side can put material

Adopt automatic hydraulic system for expand

Coil weight (Max):5000kg

Inter diameter: 460mm-560mm

Maximal out diameter:1250mm

قطر سیلندر نفت: 120mm سیستم

Coil width (Max.)1250mm

Working speed: 0-15m/min adjustable

Main motor power: 5.5KW AC motor

Hydraulic power:4kw

Frequency converter brand: Yaskawa

De-coiler should be with Loop control and hold down, and with baffle for forbid coil fall down

Machine have function of forward and reverse working

The decoiler has 3 segments


Automatic & Easy Operate

Machine long life: Roller material is high grade No.45 forged steel,plated with hard chrome,processed by digital-controlled procession.

Mitsubishi PLC with touch screen. Friendly man-machine interaction.The system is simple to learn and easy to operate.

Automatic Operation:once you set quantity and length of product,machine will produce product automatically.

Control Quality Well

Gihua factory is a "All-in-house source" from raw material to the final high-precision forming machine. All are done in our factory. Quality and delivery time can be controlled here.



Simple to install and easy to maintain

You only need to connect some tubes and wires in your factory. Video and manual will show you how to do.

Our experienced technicians can supply overseas service.

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