Former Army Rangers use company profits to build communities among veterans

A 1990 white Lincoln stretch limousine was covered in dust and slowly stopped. Former Army Ranger Angel Cortes, his brother and some of their bodies slid out the gate. A sketch of Jack Orange grinning appeared on their clothes.
They are carrying AR-15, Multicam onboard ammunition, large-capacity P-mags and 5.56 armor-piercing ammunition. Fists tucked around his waist. After a while, there was a rebound in the car window. The swift high-speed lead pierced into the passenger side door. When the interior of the car was torn open, metal-to-metal screams rang out. Their soft internal organs were destroyed by the physical force multiplied by the mass.
Rather, it was a friendly gathering of former special operations soldiers at a practice shooting course, dreamed and funded by former Army Ranger Angel Cortes. Getting veterans together to shoot and shoot some targets is his way of giving back and building a community of veterans and some trusted civilians to talk about life.
On closer inspection, some details began to appear in the smoke, gun powder and dust. Listen carefully, and you will start to hear the melody of firelight. This is not a chaotic shootout in a street skirmish. Angel and his friends kept getting angry. When one person empties the magazine, the other person increases its rate of fire. They are unloaded and reloaded in sequence, so no one will ever fail to shoot. They are like members of a ballet troupe, rehearsing the dance over and over again, jumping and jumping in unison. There is a kind of demeanor and fluidity in their violence, which obscures their training level upon close inspection. They shoot, move, communicate and execute broken cars in the way of butchers splitting chickens. If you look closely, you will see finer details. The magazine holder is made of Crye precision. Crye precision is a high-end firearms brand customized by Brooklyn hipsters (the god of war has a sense of humor) and has become a must-have standard for the most outstanding special operations forces. in the world. Their skins and shirts are engraved with frog tattoos, scuba bubbles, parachutist wings, globes and anchors. G-shaped wrist and Garmin watch are worn on the wrist. These are the softer brands of SEALs, MARSOC and various other commandos, many of whom have spent decades in war.
The battle ended suddenly at the beginning. There is no sense of high-five, no loud shouts and screams, no fanfare to indicate that the game is over. After all, these are not the streets of Los Angeles… But for Angel and his brothers, it is easy to be so, they admitted to growing up as members in the gang life in Los Angeles. Neither are these streets in Anbar or dirt roads in Afghanistan. But again… it’s easy. Five years ago, Angel deployed to Afghanistan with the Third Special Forces Group.
For the majority of the American public who put veterans’ cartoons on their heads, this seems like a strange scene. The war has ended, or at least is weakening. Many veterans are suffering. An uncultivated civilian might ask: “Should they play GI Joe on the shooting range? Do they not need to heal?” Some civilians may even realize that the Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle (Chris Kyle) The story is that he shot at the shooting range where the PTSD veteran was trying to help him recover. These accounts ignore the entire experience of most veterans returning from overseas.
Like many veterans in range today, Angel became a soldier. Angel’s mother signed his certificate to join the service when she was 17. He fought in Iraq when he was 18. He spent most of his 20s (his formative learning and earning years) deploying. While other people aged 18 to 30 formed networks and connections to determine their life trajectory, Angel was fighting and watching his friend die.
At the age of 26, Angel returned to the civilian world with three children, no savings, and few job skills that can be converted into civilian life (there are some jobs outside the smoker community that require static skydiving qualification). He worked in a yogurt shop when he was in community college. In the army, every penny of his salary was spent in the home of his brother and sister. In order to commemorate his many battle deployments, he treated himself with a positive reward for the last time, which was a 1990 325I BMW. The beekeeper has been struggling, and his wife suggested that he buy a more reliable car. As a result, he saved some money and got the infamous 1990 white luxury car with mahogany interior, which became his famous daily driver. Inspired by Bam Margera of Jackass skateboarding culture, it represents how Angel moves forward in his own unconventional style. When he was in school, Angel founded a T-shirt company, OG Pumpkin, for him based on his son’s design. Like Angel, the design of the pumpkin is both creepy and friendly. It looks like a ghoul, sinister, and ironic, but it seems to be laughing with you in some way.
Angel promoted his OG pumpkin brand online and on Instagram. Like all great advertisements, his greatest asset is word of mouth, and the word has begun to spread. Angel uses his company’s profits every month to hold shooting ranges for his veterans, who, like him, wander between active duty and the civilian world.
This specific daily range is the vehicle range. In the mid-1990s, the silver Jetta and white Toyota Corolla were dragged to a remote shooting range in the foothills of Los Angeles. The 40-year-old Hispanic tow truck driver has easily recognizable ink, indicating that he has lived with or imprisoned before, and it seems that he should have been near Angel’s home. He parked the car in the middle of the range and headed to the safe fire audience area, where the angel’s father grilled Kana Adada and Adobo tacos for the group.
Approximately 30 veterans, including SEALs, Army Rangers, MARSOC, and many other operators from elite forces (DEA, HRT, SWAT, etc.), formed impromptu pairs, conducted drills, shot targets and provided tactical and prompt pairs each other. Even for the top unit, the vehicle course is a kind of enjoyment. It is not every day to practice shooting through the front windshield of a car to hit a steel target. The operator was happy, but obeyed. The culture of special operations pays tribute to taciturn professionals (although there are more words and deeds than actions), even if the gun is shot for 30 rounds, it cannot express too much emotion.
The relaxation day is not just about shooting. In fact, there is very little about shooting. This is just an angel’s golf version. In this way, he can spend time with friends and veterans, build a network about business and entrepreneurship, and reclaim some communities that ended after taking off his uniform.
Ryan Garcia is one of the veterans. Last year, he returned home from Nangarhar, Afghanistan after serving in the F Corps, 34th Regiment, 2nd Battalion. Carson, Colorado. He didn’t know Angel in the service, but watched YouTube videos to learn how to become a ranger and was selected. Garcia, like Angel, grew up in Southern California and returned home after completing his last tour. His transition was a bit difficult. He was in school on the surface, but he did not completely move from the front line to the class. “When I got out of the car, I lost my way…Yes, I was in school, but I was in a state of depression. I would say I was busy, but I did nothing.” About six months ago, at Xbox During the game, Garcia saw Angel’s position from the shooting range. Inspired, he went to shoot. A like-minded person he found seemed to fill a gap he didn’t know was missing. Being with veterans is the first step towards a healthier integration into society. Garcia talked to Angel about the course and saw how Angel attacked the course like a mission. In the past, Angel helped inspire Garcia to stand out in the military, and now he leads by example by emphasizing the importance of class and community. Garcia is still grateful for Angel’s guidance and now also helps other veterans. “Whether you are in the war zone or back here, we will eventually support each other.”
For other veterans, this is an opportunity to stay involved and help. Mike O’Dowd, a former Navy SEAL combat tactics coach, volunteers time on work days to help other veterans improve their skills. O’Dowd runs a company called the “National Defense Strategy Group”, which teaches civilian shooting tactics and skills. He said: “By holding these events, Angel brought together veterans from our various departments to us. In a natural environment. He provides us with a space where we can feel at home again with people we trust. Since leaving the Navy, I have been lacking this kind of thing.”
In the end, Angel’s entrepreneurial journey, starting from a clothing company, learning to become a registered dietitian, and even the days he spent for the veterans, can speak bigger words. The veteran returns abroad after being discharged from the army and faces a series of choices: What should I do? How can I support myself? More importantly: who am I? What is my purpose? These issues are officially called the veteran transition. There is great resistance to the transition of veterans from uniform service. Many people lack formal education and networks for civilian occupations, some people are struggling with invisible war trauma, and many people find their goals in this world, and this world does not introduce you to tasks before you go out Under the circumstances, it is difficult for them to find the target. The angel and the group of veterans he contacted showed all hope for the way forward. Back in his home in the community where he used to sell guns on the street, he is now a community leader, teaching self-defense and gun safety. Returning to an abusive family, he broke the cycle of abuse, not only the father three times, but also the patron of the whole family. Angel (Angel) comes from a home that often only has one meal a day and is now feeding his veterans.
Like many veterans, Angel had no clear path when he left the army. Instead, he used the same skills and values ​​as the ranger’s choice and 24 months of fighting, thus finding his way out in the civilian world. Taking care of others, persevering, surpassing oneself, and finding a way to win; these qualities are full of the character of special operations personnel. He lacks a formal education, so he has made up for it in his busyness and hard work. When Angel and many of his veterans returned home and were still fighting demons from overseas, they also possessed many skills and armor that could make them the leaders of the civilian world. In a sense, this is the original mission of Jack-O-Lantern, which was designed to defend against evil spirits in the old world. Angel and his OG Pumpkin Brothers band continued to do so.
Kaj Larsen is an award-winning journalist whose work has appeared in NETFLIX, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, VICE, Huffington Post and many other media. Before working on television, Kaj served in the US Navy SEALs for five years. As a lieutenant, he led a team of special operations personnel to deploy in covert overseas operations as a detachment commander to support the global war on terrorism. Kaj continues to provide services to the science divers of Force Blue, a group of veterans who support marine conservation.
In English, there are few words that provoke annoying emotional tornadoes in “Marines”, like “stay on LT”, “truck not coming” and “hiking”. The Marine Corps must carry out a large number of mandatory interest rate hikes every year, and the command always increases it several times, just for the good.
We, the infantry community, cannot exercise. And, if you are not a grunt, then you should at least learn how to hike like a person. why? Bragging rights. This is what we have, the Marines-everyone else has funds.
The first thing you should do is figure out how to pack it in a different way than the gypsy station wagon. Now, I don’t know what kind of gateway to Narnia package they use in S3 to hold all this garbage, but you will have to find a way to make it work.
Place the heaviest item in the center of the bottom and fill all empty spaces with smaller items. Repeat this process layer by layer until you reach the top. Placing the heaviest items at the bottom will keep you at a more comfortable center of gravity-your backpack should swing with you, not towards yourself.
You will often hear people citing studies that claim that the human body can rehydrate within 45 minutes. Well, go tell those people to find a box of grid squares, because you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.
Before you hike, please spend at least two days drinking two gallons of water and a bottle of Pedialyte. Yes, you read that right: Pedialyte. Baby Gatorade. When using it, please put two more bottles of Pedialyte in the bag. I will thank you later.
The day before your hike, you should consume carbohydrates like a marathon runner. This will ensure that you have enough energy and achieve excellent results during the journey. “Runner’s World” has in-depth guidance on how to load carbohydrates correctly, and I strongly recommend you to read it. Keep in mind that you will have to make some changes to suit the task, but the overall strategy is very reliable.
Pack some biodegradable snacks that can be eaten with one hand. Fruits, such as apples and bananas, are perfect. They are easy to eat, you can throw the core/peel into the woods. You are raising the earth and then scorching it!
Preparation: Cadillac with foot soldiers. Take care of your feet. Let me say it again: take care of your feet. Trim your nails, wash every time you finish the bath, and change your socks at least once a day. At night, don’t wear socks to sleep so they can breathe. In addition, moisturize (yes, please use the lotion for its intended purpose).
Get extra points by doing a foot massage or pedicure once a month. Remember, if it is for survival, it is manliness.
These puppies will help you through this hike, fight and the rest of your life, so please pay more attention.
Hiking: Change your socks at every break, and then immediately put your feet back in your boots. If you leave them for too long, inflammation will begin and it will be more difficult to put on boots. If you do smart packaging, socks should be easy to access.
This is your life, there is no choice but to move forward. It will hurt, it will suck, but you will crush it. Believe in yourself and keep pace.
Some of the greatest stories I have ever heard were told during a hike-sexual conquest, actual conquest, accusations and confessions. The Marine Corps likes to tell stories and likes to listen to them. You will hear that the lieutenant was torn off by the stripper, or that the chief of staff had a strange fetish, which included wearing animal costumes.
When the host asked all active military personnel, veterans, and spouses to stand together at a ceremony or event for recognition, there was no difference between the two groups.
They are all standing. If the woman is an active military or veteran, they know that when everyone stands together, it is assumed that they will be the military spouse. What about military spouses? How does this make them feel? Since they are spouses, they are not suitable for the service member category. Although they like to be recognized for their sacrifice, it doesn’t feel right.
Situations such as these have particularly exacerbated the already existing complex relationships between female soldiers and their female spouses. Women serving in the military are often neglected and their positions degraded. They often have to defend men who serve with them or not at all. It is unwise to group their services with those of non-veterans.
Military spouses appreciate the work they do to support the military and are recognized because it is usually an invisible and unknown job. However, when everyone is categorized into one category, military spouses can feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. The group they tried to get acquainted with was not supported or appreciated.
As a veteran and military spouse, I am in a unique position to understand how to treat military spouses and soldiers in similar situations.
Military spouses are classified as dependents and are usually treated like titles. Although there are some rules to protect soldiers and their members, when they become military spouses, they often make life more difficult.
When you live at the base, basic tasks (such as renewing an ID card or repairing a house) require service personnel. In the civilian world, spouses do not rely on husbands or wives to complete basic tasks. But the same cannot be said for military spouses. When I joined the army, I was respected and always provided excellent customer service.
As a military spouse, if I continue to seek help without a husband, I will find myself in tears, treated unprofessional, and even feel like nobody cares. Although military spouses do not hold military ranks, they should be respected.
It seems that people can say negative things to military spouses instead of supporting their spouses. This is an unwritten rule, but if you say negative things to active military personnel, it is rude. Even military spouses who are just trying to have a conversation with female service personnel may have to downplay it based on past experience when they state their opinions and eventually fall into humiliation.
Military spouses and active military personnel use the same words to describe different things, or do not understand each other’s experiences. When the military spouse says: “I also serve,” this will loosen all the feathers on both sides. For soldiers, the term “service” refers to signing up for the army and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.
Although military spouses did not perform military service in this function, this does not mean that they did not serve in the military. The military spouse made countless sacrifices to support his active military. Maybe they gave up their careers and followed the service members to the next task. Maybe they are people who often need to take time off or adjust their schedules to accommodate deployment, training, and endless temporary tasks. Becoming a military spouse is usually a lonely, hard and helpless job.
The best way to bridge the gap between military and civil servants is to understand each other’s stories. Before you actually meet and meet a military spouse, the only thing you know is stereotypes. Until you really know and know a female service worker, all you know are stereotypes. The stereotype is not good. Stereotypes are usually extensions of stories or perceptions of truth that are rarely facts.
Military spouses are not lazy and try to free ride. Military spouses are strong, determined, and willing to bend backwards to take care of their military life. Many military spouses have occupations that do not meet their qualifications, but it is difficult for them to find and meet all the requirements of the military.
The female service staff are not bitches. They are not using pregnancy as a means of evading military obligations, or they are confused with married service staff. The female service staff are strong, determined, and strive to achieve the status they have obtained.
They are professionals. Moreover, if they are still living with their children after they are married, they must make countless sacrifices while striving to find a balance between occupation and raising a family.
Do you know how many stories of women who have served our country? Or how many military spouses do you know and can talk about their experiences? The only way we can bridge the gap is to listen to the voice on the other side.
Want to share your stories or thoughts on this topic or other important topics facing the military? Send us an email:
The Army is working on a TikTok video, in which an unidentified 18th Airborne soldier in Fort Bragg drinks water from an Ocean Spray bottle while lip-syncing Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” while static jumper. The video was inspired by Nathan Apodaca’s viral TikTok video, which caught the attention of Ocean Spray CEO Tom Hayes and won for Apodaca Bought a new truck.
what! Yes! happened! (Salute to @mosbren, he is a 5 star military tiktok detective)
However, although the unidentified paratrooper was caught in hot water by adding juice and “dreams” to the jump, another soldier realized his dream under the roof of the parachute.
Vivian C. “Mille” Bailey was born in Washington, DC in 1918. In 1942, she was appointed a lieutenant of the Women’s Auxiliary Team in Fort Des Moines, Iowa. During World War II, she commanded the WAC detachment and won multiple awards throughout her career. Bailey retired as the first lieutenant in 1946. She continues to work in the government for veterans and the Social Security Administration. At the peak of his career, Bailey served as the head of the department, responsible for approximately 1,100 employees. She is also a long-term community activist, having worked on the board of directors of the Howard County General Hospital in Columbia, Maryland for 23 years.
Although Bailey retired in 1975, she has always been an active volunteer and adventure seeker. In fact, at the age of 102, she checked the most extreme item on her bucket list: parachuting. Bailey was inspired by President George Bush, who celebrated his 75th, 80th, 85th and 90th birthdays by skydiving. With the help of Skydive Baltimore, Bailey realized his dream.
On October 18, 2020, Bailey took her most recent adventure, which she called “the pleasure of a lifetime.” Bailey once wanted to jump for 10 years. “When we rolled in the air, I felt myself alone. I thought, “Where did the paratrooper go?” ”
In addition to his service in World War II, long-term public work and voluntary service, and successful skydiving, Bailey also received the honor of President Trump, the late Rep. Elijah Cummings. Won the police award named after her-Vivian Millie Bailey (Vivian Millie Bailey) stood out and now has a park named after her in Howard County. “So I can look back on many things,” Bailey said. “I’m very happy and happy for everything I can do.”
Although we are not always willing to admit this, the way we see the world and the way we operate in it often depends largely on the popular culture that we consume along the way. The movies and TV shows we watched when we were young not only helped us to see a world beyond our vision from the window, their habit is to plant stupid thought seeds in our brains. Because we often see them displayed incorrectly on the screen, it biases our thinking about things like what actually happened in battle.
In fact, if you have never suffered a limb injury, being knocked down or close to an explosion, you may have some very unrealistic ideas about how deadly everyone is. To suggest that people cannot tell the difference between what Wolverine can do and what ordinary Joe can do may sound silly. However, many of these movie tropes have become so ingrained in our cultural dictionary that it has become difficult to understand the truth from novels. That is, unless you have been there in person.
This is Batman’s bread and butter. It helped Marty McFly’s mother take her time-travel son. This is the most common workplace hazard for husbands and thugs, but the truth is that they are eliminated. Will seriously damage your life.
The movie may seem like a knock on the door and the movement is basically the same thing as impromptu sleep, but in the real world, trauma to the head with a blunt head often has some serious effects. Riddler’s helper may arrive a few hours later and complain of feeling drowsy, but if you are beaten for a few hours, you will almost certainly wake up in the ICU of the local hospital with some very caring families around Member (hope you still know your name).
Head trauma that is enough to make you comatose actually produces neurochemical reactions in the brain, causing cell death, and may affect you for the rest of your life.
Watching the protagonist walk towards the camera with a slow-motion explosion in the background may be one of the most used shots in movie history (but still in some way)… but it is also completely absurd. Movies treat explosions like fireballs you have to worry about, but the most dangerous part of an explosion is usually invisible to the naked eye: the shock wave.
Back in the first “Mission Impossible” movie, Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt actually managed to put an explosive helicopter (obviously made of explosives) )’S shock wave boarded a fast train. The shooting is incredible, and it actually makes the superhero-like sequel more meaningful, because since then, Ethan Hunt actually had to dream in a coma, and the surgeon tried to make the soup that was once his organ Some things.
Anyone who has ever thrown a grenade can tell you that the explosion is much faster and more dangerous than the explosion described in the movie. Most events happen so quickly that we only feel their thunderous impact and sudden smoke, but these are shock waves that actually liquefy your interior (such as your brain). In the medical world, they call this internal softening “whole body destruction”. It doesn’t sound as cool as “internal softening”, but it’s clearly deadly.
To show us the true realm of a movie hero, there is no faster way than watching him untie the gunshot wound on his arm as a “meat wound”. John Mcclane lost enough blood in the “Die Hard” movie to keep the Red Cross from chasing donations for at least a year, but in some way, the pain seems to have come from Did not slow him down.
These “meat wounds” usually only exist, so the heroine’s character arc can evolve from being angry at the hero to understanding: “You are injured!” When she ran to check the flaps hanging on our hero’s triceps When she yelled.
“Nothing.” He made a face when he loaded another seemingly infinite magazine into his weapon. As Jesse Ventura said in “Predator,” and at least once when the governor of Minnesota said, “I don’t have time to bleed.”
The problem is that you will definitely die from a wound on your arm or leg. In fact, if an artery ruptures, you will die very quickly. When it comes to uncontrolled bleeding, you really don’t have time to ignore it.
The retired Air Force colonel and NASA astronaut Greg Johnson posted a good video, sincerely asking people for tips on how to spend this isolated time-because he is an expert in the space age. He made some good points, such as having a routine, being helpful and keeping a positive attitude, but I want to take two cents from what I learned in Afghanistan.
Tip 1: Don’t eat. If you want, you can even get through midnight food. In any case, this year’s beach season was cancelled.
Tip 2: Take a break when you rest. All of us basically live in a chimney (regardless of whether we are real smokers or not) and still try to get things done. You can also have the advantage of closing the Zoom meeting without having to deal with the boss all day.
Secret Three: Don’t feel guilt by watching TV or playing video games all day. A large part of the off-duty time of most troops after 9/11 is spent on MWR, doing exactly the same thing, and you can hardly find anyone who says they have not made money after a stressful day.
If my list looks like an encouragement to be fat, lazy couch potatoes in a way… then go for it. I care what I am not your NCO. In any case, these are some memes.
No offense to the pilot, but your movie is always the same. “Despite the shackles of UCMJ, I am still a traitor. I will only learn the value of being a team member after my actions directly lead to the death of someone. Now reminder flying montage!”
After a vertebral fracture in Iraq, I started swimming instead of running, because as I got older, the spine on the spine became easier. It has become an indispensable part of my daily work. I also like to have a beard, but when I swim, my facial hair becomes very dry and uneven. I quickly went from having a beautiful bushy black beard to a Brillo pad.
One day, I was talking on the phone with a potential customer selling beard care products. I mentioned what the swimming pool did to my beard, and the regular shampoo did not help. He said: “Man, if you just want to be free of dandruff, please use shampoo. If you want a complete, strong beard, please use actual beard products.”
Like many of us, I didn’t want to do it at first. From the moment I did PT in the Marine Corps, to the artificial exercises that lacked skills after EAS, to the crazy post-divorce shredding training, to what I’m currently doing, to maintain an active routine, I didn’t Think of two discussions about how my exercise affects my skin, beard, and body, until a steel scouring pad grows on my face. But after trying different products, I saw the difference. I am a firm believer now. Using the right personal care products is as important as exercise.
This is part of their business practice. This personal care company is made up of a group of veterans and some patriotic civilians. It uses feedback from the military to create and fine-tune products that can really make you look and feel better.
In their mission statement. “BRAVO SIERRA is committed to the development of agile physical products to ensure that consumers get better products faster. We believe that the human body is the most important system, and democratizing product development will be a healthy and healthy future for us.”
Many soaps use sulfates and silicones in their ingredients. They smell good, but they don’t clean the pores, skin or hair as they should. Also, why indulge in chemicals?
BRAVO SIERRA does not use traditional powerful cleansers to deprive your skin. Its moisturizing formula and coconut-derived cleanser allow you to use this product from hair to toes without drying out your skin, hair, face or scalp.
Yes, I looked back at the American psychiatric patient, saw Patrick Bateman’s routine, and thought: “No! Not me.” However, I am here to tell you that you need to moisturize your face. All the sweat in the gym, the chemicals in the swimming pool, the sunshine when running or cycling outdoors…all have to pay a certain price. This non-greasy option uses cyanobacteria and apple fruit extracts for all-day moisturization. It also has aloe vera, so you can use it as an aftershave.
Shaving can become tedious when you have a ratio of 9 to 5, but when you are in the military and have to shave anywhere, shaving is really troublesome. When I think about using old razors and cold water to shave every day in the middle of the Syrian desert, I still feel unhappy. Well, BRAVO SIERRA made shaving cream with this in mind. Its foamy to creamy texture prevents irritation to sensitive skin. It is designed with the first environmentally friendly, non-flammable propellant, which is very suitable for your travel backpack.
Can’t I take a shower immediately after exercising? Given the current situation with the virus, you may want to avoid gym showers altogether! Do I have to run into the store on my way home after the gym? These wipes are the ultimate mobile solution that you must clean when you cannot clean.
Infused with aloe vera, ginseng and cyanobacteria, these wipes will make you feel fresh like an adult and smell like a baby, not a baby. They can kill 99.99% of bacteria in 60 seconds, are 4 times thicker than baby wipes, and are biodegradable.
You don’t want to be told “you stink” like the poor Slider of Top Gun. If you are not sweating profusely, then you are not exercising. Also, if you are sweating, you should really bring deodorant. BRAVO SIERRA’s deodorant does not contain aluminum and baking soda. It lasts against odors and provides excellent sweat protection. As an added benefit, it is pollution-free.
BRAVO SIERRA also allows you to combine these products into an awesome toolkit to bundle as needed. There is a starter kit, an activity kit, a barber kit and a hygiene-ready kit, or you can build it yourself!
Exercise is fun. Working hard is more fun. However, staying healthy is also important to the outside world. Skin and hair care goes a long way, and BRAVO SIERRA has the best products to help you.
NASCAR driver Jesse Iwuji showed off Luke Airmen tires (US Air Force, photo taken by Airman) first-class cabin Alexander Cook at Camping World 500 Campground at Phoenix International Raceway in Avondale, Arizona on March 19, 2017 (Alexander Cook)
We are all-rounders and wish to wish our favorite racer a happy birthday. Jesse Iwuji is 33 years old today, and we wish him the happiest life. Although his birthday is undoubtedly a special day, this year’s celebration is even sweeter.
As we all know, Jesse is unique among NASCAR drivers. He is a naval officer and is following his dream of becoming a racer. This dream has greatly improved this week.
Jesse was recently promoted to NASCAR’s Xfinity series racer, where he will drive the No. 13 Toyota Supra for MBM Motorsports. He will also continue to participate in the No. 33 Chevrolet Silverado car for NASA Gander RV and Reaume Brothers in the outdoor truck series.
In addition to being promoted in NASCAR, Jesse was also promoted to Lieutenant Commander of the United States Navy-talking about an amazing month.
Here are Jesse’s friends, family, senior officials, companion drivers and colleagues. Happy birthday to him. You can tell a person’s influence on the company he runs, and the collection of these amazing people shows how good Jesse is and why WATM is so popular:
Jesse was born on August 12, 1987, the son of a Nigerian immigrant. He was born and raised in Texas, and is a high school athlete who has performed well in sports and school. His outstanding performance led him to enter the United States Naval Academy. Jesse played for the Midshipman while learning to be a surface combatant. In addition to playing safety, Iwuji also participated in the Naval Academy competition.
He graduated in 2009 and entered the fleet, first working on mine countermeasures, including deployment to the Persian Gulf in 2012. He later served in the Comstock Navy and then entered the Navy Reserve in 2017.
Entering NASCAR is not easy. However, with a firm belief in honor, courage and commitment, Iwuji overcomes all obstacles. He first thought of becoming a racer in the Navy football game of the Meineke Car Care Bowl. In his active career, he pursued his passion and work balance. After entering the reserve team, he began to serve as a racer in the east and west of the NASCAR KN Pro series, which is a regional testing ground for drivers who hope to prove themselves on the yard.
Since then, he has entered the truck series and he has been racing for the past three years. His recent promotion to the Xfinity series of cars has brought him one step closer than the NASCAR Cup series of cars. For those who do not know, the NASCAR Cup series of cars are the highest echelon of racing in the world.
Jesse’s debut on the Xfinity Tour was at Henry 180, where he finished 26th. His next race should be at the legendary Watkins Glen road race this weekend.
Hopefully, soon, we will see him participate in the Cup in Daytona, Talladega, Martinsville, Dover and Bristol.
During the brutal civil war in African countries, a person accused of committing war crimes while serving as a military commander in Somalia later moved to the United States and found jobs for ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft.
According to an investigation by CNN, Yusuf Abdi Ali has been a driver of Uber in Virginia since November 2017. He was a former officer of the Somali army and was accused of being a dictator. Siad Barre (Siad Barre) participated in the killing of more than 100 men during his tenure.
Witnesses in the Somali theater told reporters from the Canadian CBC network that in 1992, Ali committed atrocities during the civil war in the 1980s.
A man said: “There are two men tied to a tree.” “Pour oil on them, they are still alive and burning. I saw it with my own eyes. I cut off their bodies.”
A witness from the Somali war zone told reporters Ali’s crime. “Two people were caught, tied to a tree, poured oil on them, and burned to death.” I saw it with my own eyes. I cut off their remains. ”
Another told the CBC: “He caught my brother. He tied him to a military vehicle and dragged him to the back. He cut him into pieces. That’s how he died.”
After the CBC documentary, Ali was expelled from Canada and moved to the United States. According to CNN, he remained a guard until CNN found him in 2016 and charged him against him. He was fired shortly thereafter.
An undercover reporter from CNN ordered an Uber trip with Ali as the driver this month-and secretly recorded him.
In a report released on May 14, 2019, CNN stated that Ali has been driving for Uber for 18 months and is also working for Lyft.
The undercover video shows that Ali told CNN reporter that Uber “just wants your background check, nothing more.” If “you apply tonight, maybe it will come in two days. You know, everything.”
Uber’s vice president of safety and insurance Gus Fuldner (Gus Fuldner) said at the time: “This new continuous inspection technology will strengthen our inspection process and improve safety.”
CNN previously discovered in 2016 that Uber and Lyft hired drivers with serious felony records, some of whom continue to be accused of sexually assaulting passengers.
In 2004, a man said he was one of Ali’s victims and he filed a lawsuit against him in a US court.
Fifteen years later, on May 13, 2019, a court in Alexandria, Virginia heard Ali and the man’s lawyer Farhan Mohamoud Tani Warfaa’s opening remarks.
Warfaa accused Ali of shooting him and killing him during the 1988 interrogation in his village in Somalia.
Ali was appointed by Wofaa’s lawyer as the head of the 5th Brigade of the Somali Army. Wofaa said the soldiers referred to Ali as Colonel Tucker or Colonel Crow.
Ali denied all allegations of war crimes, calling them “completely baseless.” Business Insider has contacted Ali’s lawyers for comment.
“Business Insider” learned that during Uber’s screening process, Ali was not marked on any government watch list or sanctions list.
“Drivers must undergo a driving and criminal history background check to review local, state, and national records, and we will evaluate eligibility based on the criteria set by local laws.”
Lyft told CNN that this would ban Ali services, but he has not driven to the company since September.
After 1,000 days of obstacles including sandstorms, thunderstorms and remote locations, the Air Force personnel of the US Air Force at 201 Agadez Air Base in Niger completed the largest force labor project in history. The 6000-foot runway of Air Force Base 201 will provide the Air Force with continuous intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities in the increasingly active extremist areas.
“He is a selfless leader, a brother and a friend.” This is how Stuart Hollingsworth remembers Staff Sgt. Travis Atkins, a former soldier of the 10th Mountain Division (LI), received the Medal of Honor after his death in a ceremony at the White House on March 27, 2019. Hollingsworth was assigned to the 14th Infantry Regiment of the 2nd Infantry Regiment. The former Sergeant Team of the 2nd Brigade met with Atkins for the first time a month before deploying to Iraq in August 2006. He said that Atkins initially worked for another company, but he needed to be the team leader of D Company.
Hollingsworth said: “He is training his previous team to fight and is very proficient in craftsmanship, so he can assume the role of another team leader and has won the trust of everyone he meets.” This person is very Have authority. He led from the front and set an example-never asked anyone to do something he wouldn’t do. ”
At the memorial ceremony held on June 7, 2007 at the Sgt Chief of Staff in the Striker Battalion, the soldiers kneeled to pay their respects. Travis Atkins was killed by a suicide bomber near Sadr Al-Yusufiyah in Iraq on June 1, 2007.
Hollingsworth said that they are a close team and they have established connections and brought them into battle. Atkins is very supportive of team friendship and unity,” Hollingsworth said. “We will do everything as a team-we act as a team, after team training, eating, sleeping-everything. “In this way, it is easy to learn everything about his teammates. Hollingsworth said that Atkins spoke constantly about his son Trevor.
Hollingsworth said: “He is very like a family man and always talks about them.” “I also want to say that he may love his man very much, if not the same.” This kind of friendship and the team Love proved his actions on June 1, 2007, when Atkins sacrificed his life to protect himself. A suicide bomber soldier. Atkins fought personally with the insurgents of the Resistance and then placed himself on the suicide bomber to withstand the danger of explosion.
The soldiers of the 2nd Battalion of the 14th Infantry Regiment of the 10th Infantry Division stood in front of the monument in the 2nd Brigade Combat Team of the 10th Mountain Division and paid tribute to the 2-14 infantry soldiers who died in the battle.
Hollingsworth said that every soldier will learn the words in the soldier’s creed, but because of Atkins, some of these words now have a greater impact on him. “There is a saying-”I am a defender of freedom and the American way of life”-has more meaning. He said: “Today is more meaningful to me than ever. In November 2007, Atkins’s name was included in the 2-14 Infantry Monument in Fort Drum. Atkins’s heroism was introduced in Fort Drum in 2008. Drum) received national attention when it was awarded the Distinguished Service Cross at the Veterans Day ceremony.
Hollingsworth participated in two ceremonies, but he said that when he met Trevor, who was 12 years old at the time, his words failed him. “I can’t fully describe to Trevor my gratitude to his father, what he means to me and his true greatness. He is a man,” Hollingsworth said. “Therefore, at the Medal of Honor awards ceremony, I am very grateful to be with the Atkins family. It is a great honor to have more opportunities to spend this time with them.” To learn more about Atkins For more information and to watch the webcast of today’s Medal of Honor Award Ceremony, please visit
Excluding the Middle East, more than 225,000 US military personnel were stationed abroad last year. A military career is a good way to learn about different cultures. You will also learn some very cool (sometimes weird) knowledge about life in other countries. Here are some interesting facts about some countries with large numbers of American soldiers:
Camp Humphreys is the largest overseas base in the United States, located in South Korea. But did you know that South Korea is also home to the best airport in the world? Incheon International Airport has been rated as the best in the world. It has a lush garden, sauna, ice rink, free showers and free massage chairs. It even has a handicraft area where you can make traditional bags and fans. It is a tourist attraction in itself.
It was good when I was a kid in Germany. According to a tradition that dates back to the 1800s, every first-year student will get a giant cone full of toys and candies. Today, some children even get mobile phones and video games. After studying through the school, you will also get a completely free university education. However, don’t expect your classmates to have names that excel among your classmates. The government has a say in what name parents give their children, but parents refuse to give their children names (including children whose gender is not obvious).
Japan is the capital of vending machines in the world. In fact, every street in Japan has at least one vending machine (there are more than 5 million in the country). Umbrella vending machines are useful when it rains (as opposed to New York, where you have to snap up vending machines from street vendors). Forgot to wear a tie? Buy one in a vending machine. You can buy every imaginable food, including vegetables. There are even vending machines exclusively for bananas. This is one that Americans would like-Japan also has toilet paper vending machines.
Italians value their ice cream (gelato) very much. In fact, there is even an entire university dedicated to researching and manufacturing it. It is called Gelato University near Bologna and attracts Italians and non-Italians who want to learn the secrets behind making this respected dessert.
Kuwait is not a popular tourist destination, but if you find yourself there, look for textiles woven by Sadu. This craft can be traced back to the nomads of the country-although most of the country’s population today are foreigners. The symbolism in the weaving shows the desert landscape and commemorates the nomadic lifestyle.
If you come to shop, Turkey is the right place. It has one of the largest shopping malls in the world, called the Grand Bazaar, with a history dating back to the 1400s. It includes more than 3,000 shops spread across more than 60 streets. Many shops sell traditional Turkish goods such as ceramics, lamps, spices, carpets, jewelry and tea.
Luke and Amy Bushatz knew they needed a big change or they would not make a change. So they packed up their lives and the two boys headed to the west. Their next stop? Alaska.
“In 2015, we realized that to really seek mental health help and recover from this challenging deployment, Luke moved on in 2009 and 2010, where he suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. , Post-traumatic stress disorder, we have lost more than 20 soldiers…” To this end, we must retire from active troops. “Amy explained.
Luke was destroyed by an improvised explosive device while deployed as an Afghan army ranger.
They also knew they needed to move to a place where he could heal and give Luke the outside space he wanted and desperately needed. “We know that when we spend time camping in the family, he feels relieved with all these things. It’s like watching someone take off their backpack… This is indeed a powerful change,” Amy said. On a whim, she suggested Alaska.
Luke researched and found a graduate program in Alaska that suits his goals. Amy works at and is now an executive editor. She knows she can work anywhere. After selling some of their items and asking the Army to transfer the rest, they filled the station wagon and set off on the road. They stepped their feet on the ground in Alaska in June 2016.
Although Luke was eager to jump in seamlessly, Amy shared that she took some time to adapt. Realizing that Alaska will not change, she knows she needs to adjust her mentality. She was born a competitive person, and she used the fire to challenge herself and spend time outside.
When Amy realized that she had spent 20 minutes outdoors for more than 1,000 days, which had changed her life, she felt asked to share her commitment to fresh air with others. She founded a podcast, blog, and co-founded Humans Outside, where she challenged everyone to spend 20 minutes outside every day regardless of the weather. She also takes a photo every day at outdoor activities on Instagram to inspire others.
Luke also believes that outside can have a profound positive impact. He explained: “Naturally can escape, or use it as a tool for refocusing and rejuvenation, so you can undergo painstaking treatments and strive to establish complete relationships with others and yourself,” Luke emphasized , Going out can’t solve your problems, but it can help you get out of your predicament and effectively solve these problems.
Amy said: “Going into the mountain helps him breathe so that he has enough brain space to classify various things.” She continued: “For people who are suffering from brain injuries… your injury does not look like it. Injured because you look very healthy. Going out is one of the main tools to help us.”
“When you make a big decision to change the focus of your life, the whole paradigm of how you view life will change. It was really in 2015, we made this decision, and I was a mess. The decision was to refocus my life , Or lose everything.” Luke shared. He continued: “Outdoor activities are just like that. It can help me reshape myself and relationships.”
Remedy Alpine is a non-profit organization owned and operated by veterans. Their purpose is to share their deep passion for the outdoors with the veteran community and help them grasp the good time spent outdoors.
“One of my passions is to go abroad and bring veterans to remote areas. I have started my own program with the goal of starting my own program. It happened that God put me, Eric and Dave together. We did not Compete, but say: “Hey, do it together! “In order to make this [Re Alpine Way] specific program bigger and better,” Luke shared.
Dave Joslin (Dave Joslin) and Eric Collier (Eric Collier) meet through the “Wounded Warrior Project.” They realized that they both had a deep passion for serving veterans, and they were also passionate about finding a cure in remote villages. There, Remedy Alpine was born. They appointed Luke as co-founder and chief operating officer in 2017.
“There is a big difference between loneliness and isolation. Isolation is not good for your mental health and is not effective. On the other hand, going to remote areas will increase loneliness, which is related to recovery. But loneliness does not have to be done by yourself.” Ai M explained.
The Journal of Psychology Today says that autism can actually improve concentration and productivity, while redirecting the brain and providing you with opportunities for self-discovery.
Amy said: “You can find that kind of loneliness and find a good way to recover outdoors while overcoming physical difficulties. This is something you cannot be trapped on the sofa at home.” However, she understands certain seasons. Difficulties affecting motivation. The cold temperature and little sunshine reminded her of January in Alaska. But they still went outside, which changed their health in the world.
Luke and Amy both have simple advice for deep treatment outdoors: try it. They did it, and they never looked back.
To learn more about “human beings outside” and how to challenge yourself to spend more time outdoors, click here. Want to learn more about Remedy Alpine and how they can help veterans in Alaska? Check out their website.

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