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Sir Simon Stevens, chief executive of NHS England, said that tomorrow may mark a “decisive turning point in the fight against the coronavirus” and that the UK is ready to tackle Covid-19 starting tomorrow.
Before the vaccine was launched, he delivered a speech at the Royal Free Hospital in London, saying: “Tomorrow is the beginning of the largest vaccination campaign in our history. It is a previous campaign against polio, meningitis and tuberculosis (and) diseases. Based on success.
“As more and more vaccines become available, hospitals, then general practitioners and pharmacists, will vaccinate at least before next spring.
“So, at the same time, we will have to continue to be very cautious. But if I do, I think we are likely to look back tomorrow, which marks a decisive turning point in the fight against the coronavirus.”
The government said it hopes that “most” vulnerable people will be vaccinated in January and February.
The 10 priority categories set by the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization cover approximately 25 million people.
The initial vaccination will be used to care for family workers and residents, NHS frontline workers and people 80 years and older-approximately 6 million people.
European health authorities have urged the EU government to end the mandatory testing and quarantine of air travelers, noting that such measures are “unlikely” to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in communities where the virus has already been established.
The Duchess of Cambridge thanked the frontline staff for their perseverance during the pandemic and brought Christmas cheers to Scotland-but they seemed to have received a cold response from the country’s first minister. In the daily coronavirus briefing, Nicola Sturgeon was asked whether Duke and the Duchess’ visit to Edinburgh violated cross-border travel restrictions and replied that the trip was a matter for the royal family , They have realized this. All restrictions are in place.
France may have to postpone the removal of some of the Covid lockdown restrictions next week, because the country is still less than the target of 5,000 new infections per day.
Political sources said that the Italian Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese (Luciana Lamorgese) discovered at a cabinet meeting today that she had Covid-19, forcing her to hurriedly abandon the gathering.
Statistics from the Ministry of Health show that in the past 24 hours, the daily number of deaths from the coronavirus in Turkey has risen to a record 203, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 15,103 since the beginning of the pandemic.
The Danish Prime Minister announced this morning that most areas of Denmark will resume blockade on Wednesday to control the country’s current surge of infections.
Locals blamed the anti-mosquito spray campaign for the mysterious disease, which has hospitalized more than 300 people in southern Indian cities.
A 45-year-old man died of epileptiform symptoms. In the town of Eluru, Andhra Pradesh, hundreds of people complained of nausea, burning eyes and seizures.
A report released by collectors in the area stated that as many as 340 people have been ill since Saturday night, of which 157 are still receiving treatment. However, a hospital official said that so far, 470 people have been admitted.
Eluru locals call mosquitoes a local resident, and they say that the authorities have launched an anti-mosquito campaign.
A local, Dhananjay Kumar, said: “The authorities have been spraying mosquito killers in the area, causing heavy fog. It seems that the chemicals sprayed by the authorities have caused the disease.”
California has announced an app that helps people track their exposure to the coronavirus, making it the largest state in the United States that can take advantage of new technology from smartphone software manufacturers Apple Inc and Alphabet Inc.’s Google .
Starting Thursday, people in California can activate the exposure notification tool from the settings menu on their iPhone, or they can activate it by downloading the CA Notify App from the Google Play store on their Android device.
These apps enable the Bluetooth signal between the devices to determine when they are approaching, and then they will warn the user anonymously when the nearest contact later tests positive. In recent months, at least 6 million people in at least 21 million states and two regions in the United States have tried the system and provided apps before California. The same is true for states with apps such as Colorado and New York.
Public health experts say that the adoption rate has been lagging because of technical flaws in the earliest applications, privacy issues, and dismissive attitudes towards taking preventive measures to avoid contracting the virus. But California officials hope that the application will be quickly adopted in states where many technical workers live.
The two most densely populated areas of the state and its agricultural granary market have been served around the clock in the past few days because the epidemic has put pressure on hospitals in the most populous state in the United States.
Two government sources told Reuters that France may have to postpone the removal of some Covid restrictions next week because there are signs that the downward trend in new cases has flattened after stores reopened late last month.
Senior Health Ministry official Jerome Salomon (Jerome Salomon) said that France is far from reducing the number of new infections per day to the target of 5,000, and the risk of a rebound in the EU’s second largest economy remains high.
The 5,000 threshold was an early condition for President Emmanuel Macron, who replaced lockdowns with nightly curfews, allowed cinemas and museums to reopen, and eliminated the need for people to carry affidavits outside their homes.
Another condition is that the number of people in intensive care is less than 3,000. Although this threshold can be reached, the downward trend in new cases has stabilized between 10,000 and 12,000.
European health authorities have urged the EU government to end the mandatory testing and quarantine of air travelers, noting that such measures are “unlikely” to prevent the spread of Covid-19 in communities where the virus has already been established.
The document was issued by the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention (ECDC) and the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), calling for the suspension of air travel restrictions and confirming that travelers remain at almost no risk in destinations that have been infected with the virus.
It stated: “Immigration screening, quarantine and border embargo for incoming passengers are unlikely to prevent SARS-CoV-2 from entering a community, although it may be postponed in a short period of time.”
It continued: “The vast majority of cases are acquired locally.” “In most countries, once the virus is introduced into the community, foreign cases may have little contribution to the continued spread of [infection].”
A principal’s union said that because parents want to prioritize family safety before Christmas, the school may see a “sharp drop” in the number of students attending classes next week.
NAHT Alliance Secretary-General Paul Whiteman said that giving schools the flexibility to switch to distance learning during the last days of the semester is an “obvious and straightforward solution.”
He called on ministers to announce a plan within the next 24 hours to avoid a “chaotic and destructive” end of the semester, adding that the Christmas period regulations put schools and parents “between dilemma and dilemma.”
Before issuing the warning, the latest attendance data from the Department of Education (DfE) showed that more than one-fifth (22%) of secondary school students in England were absent from school on November 26.
For Covid-19 related reasons, about 8% to 10% of public school students (up to 798,000 children) are not in school.
Charlotte Henry argued that it will be difficult to achieve the right balance, and that too much containment of vaccine misinformation will only increase public suspicion.
For many of us, the news that Pfizer/BioNTech’s Covid-19 vaccine has been approved by the UK regulator and will be launched soon is the best early Christmas gift we hope for. This is the result of amazing scientific progress, and it will go a long way in helping us get back to what we want to do, what we want to do.
However, this vaccine arrives at an alarming rate and is an ideal feed for anti-vax sports. In trying to solve this problem, we must first discuss very clearly what “anti-vaxxers” means. They are not people who need some assurance and more information before the final (hopefully) vaccination.
Indeed, in my opinion, firing or patronizing such people is the most likely way to alienate them and prevent them from being vaccinated. As always, what is needed is transparency and clarity-explain why this vaccine can arrive so quickly, why it is safe and why it helps. Because there are some people on both sides of the Atlantic who sell vaccine misinformation as their profession.
As I pointed out in my book “Don’t Buy It” on fake news, although the anti-Vax movement began to question specific vaccines, it has since “evolved into a universal movement against all vaccinations and advocating the so-called “natural life”, and It is usually based on bad data and suspicious research.”
Professor Kate O’Brien, Director of Immunization at the World Health Organization, said that local nurses and doctors will play a leading role in inspiring public confidence in the coronavirus vaccine.
At the WHO press conference tonight, Professor O’Brien said: “I think one of the things that really helps communities and individuals make vaccination decisions is their trust in the source of information.
“Information does need to come from as much as possible locally: from trusted providers, people’s physicians or nurses they are going to, or the voice of public health workers in the community.
“Especially in an era where millions of people are suffering and have already died, I think that the evaluators will understand their benefits of vaccines will be the next critical stage in the process of obtaining these vaccines. These interventions Important tools in the toolbar.
“What I really want to emphasize here is that there is already a very powerful, very powerful security monitoring system.
What people really need to spend time and energy on is to ensure that the information they receive is based on scientific information. ”
Political sources said that the Italian Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese (Luciana Lamorgese) discovered at a cabinet meeting today that she had Covid-19, forcing her to hurriedly abandon the gathering.
Reuters quoted a source in her office as saying that the Ramorgs was asymptomatic and tested positive after a routine cabinet swab, which was one of many measures she had taken in recent months.
Lamorgese is a 67-year-old former civil servant with no political affiliation. He returns to his hometown and will stay there in isolation while continuing to work.
Another source said that members of the anti-establishment five-star movement, Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio and Attorney General Alfonso Bonafide have decided to self-quarantine because they are sitting in the Cabinet of Ramog Next to people.
Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and his other ministers did not have close contact with the Ramorgs, but as a precautionary measure, they are expected to be tested.
Madrid’s James Badcock reported that the Spanish government’s use of the term “friends” is uncommon, leaving citizens unsure who they can meet during Christmas under the new coronavirus regulations.
The Spanish national and regional health authorities last week banned travel between regions during the festive period from December 23 to January 6, except for meetings with family members or “allegados”.
In recent years, searches for the meaning of this word have proliferated on Google, but the definition of “relative, friendship or trusted person” provided by the Spanish Royal Language Institute makes citizens unsure of the limitations of social activities.
In the chaos, the Andalusian region has stated that it will not allow cross-border travel to visit anyone other than relatives.
“Many of us don’t understand this term; Spain’s Health Minister Salvador Illa and his regional colleagues agreed on a Christmas action plan after a meeting, said Andalusia’s Health Minister Jesús Aguirre.
As the largest vaccination program in British history is scheduled to begin tomorrow, as the first Pfizer/BioNtech lancet will be distributed, our reporter will answer all your questions about the launch here.
Sir Simon Stevens, Chief Executive Officer of NHS UK, said that tomorrow may mark a “decisive turning point in the fight against the coronavirus”.
Speaking at the Royal Free Hospital of London before the launch of the Covid-19 vaccine, he said: “Tomorrow is the beginning of the largest vaccination campaign in our history. This is before the launch of polio, meningitis and other diseases (and) diseases. The success of the campaign was carried out and tuberculosis.
“As more and more vaccines become available, hospitals, then general practitioners and pharmacists, will vaccinate at least before next spring.
“So, at the same time, we will have to continue to be very cautious. But if I do, I think we are likely to look back tomorrow, which marks a decisive turning point in the fight against the coronavirus.”
In the briefing, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon (Nicola Sturgeon) was asked about the claim that Duke and the Duchess’ visit to Edinburgh violated cross-border travel restrictions.
Ms. Sturgeon said that this trip is a matter of the royal family and they are aware of all the restrictions.
She said: “The royal family’s visit is an arrangement of the royal family and its surroundings. Any questions about these arrangements should be directly transferred to the royal family.”
“The Scottish government was informed of the intention of the visit, and we ensure that as you wish, the royal family is aware of all restrictions in Scotland so that it can provide a basis for the decision and plan of the visit.
According to current Scottish regulations, it is illegal to travel between England and Scotland unless you have a reasonable excuse.
Statistics from the Ministry of Health show that in the past 24 hours, the daily number of deaths from the coronavirus in Turkey has risen to a record 203, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 15,103 since the beginning of the pandemic.
In the past 24 hours, Turkey has also recorded 32,137 new coronavirus cases, including asymptomatic cases. For four months, Ankara only reported daily symptomatic cases, but all cases have been reported since November 25. The historical data of all cases and the cumulative total number of cases are still unavailable.
Turkey was locked down over the weekend in response to the recent surge in daily deaths and new infections.
This is the 7-day update rate of new Covid-19 cases in each local government jurisdiction in England updated on Monday.
The 7-day figures as of December 3 are based on tests conducted in laboratories (one of the government’s testing programs) and the wider community (second pillar). The ratio is expressed as the number of new cases per 100,000 people.
Medway in Kent has the highest incidence in England, with 1,691 new cases recorded in the seven days to December 3, equivalent to 607.1 per 100,000 people. In the seven days to November 26, this number was 495.4.
Swale-also in Kent-has the second highest incidence, rising from 554.4 to 588.3, ​​with 883 new cases.
Kent’s Thanet ranked third with 638 new cases, which rose from 443.9 to 449.5.0, which is very slight.
The areas with the largest mid-week increase were Surrey’s Runnymede (from 143.1 to 275.1, with 246 new cases), Medway, Basildon (from 290.6 to 390.5, with 731 new cases) and Essex’s Brentwood (from 157.1 to 249.3) , Add 192 cases).
The British government revealed that the British company has returned leave cash worth not more than £5 billion, which should not have been requested or needed.
HM Revenue and Customs stated that the company has refunded hundreds of millions of dollars through voluntary recycling.
HMRC Customer Compliance Director said: “So far, in the context of the overall error, we have carried out about 504 million pounds of voluntary disclosure and correction, including those who are entitled to receive grants and decide to repay.” Petunia Penny Ciniewicz
She told members of the US Treasury Select Committee that this prevented some criminal attacks on the system that would have occurred.
A public health director warned that if infections in the area continue to rise, his Welsh Health Commission may see severe coronavirus cases during Christmas.
Dr. Keith Reid of the Health Commission of Swansea Bay University said that he fears that only Wales will be blocked again during Christmas. If interest rates continue to rise, it will be enough to save the local system from being “overwhelmed.”
Welsh Health Minister Vaughan Gething said that the eight local government departments in Wales now have 400 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 people, and 19 cases in 22 districts are rising.
Only four weeks after the country’s 17-day fire ended, hospitals in Wales had the highest number of Covid-19-related patients, with a total of 1,800, and the UK had the worst infection rate.
Lithuania has reported 1,037 cases per 100,000 people in the past two weeks, which is three times the number of 340 cases announced on November 4.
“If people strictly follow the rules, we don’t have to tighten them today,” said Acting Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis (Saulius Skvernelis).
The outgoing government also banned any organizations with more than two families, told all companies to let employees work from home, and told elementary schools to have a holiday on December 14.
However, the government has not approved a ban from the national health authority, prohibiting everything except basic shopping, and banning family contacts, but restaurants, stadiums, universities and high schools will still be closed.
The store was told to limit the number of customers and close most parking spaces in its premises.
A local health official said that after the bride tested positive for the coronavirus a few hours before marriage, traditional Indian wedding costumes were replaced in dangerous goods suits and masks in remote North Indian villages.
The couple, who asked not to be named, decided to hold a ceremony in the courtyard of the Covid Quarantine Center in Baran, Western Rajasthan.
Under the bright red canopy and in front of the torch, the bride and groom wore matching blue hazmat suits, and exchanged wreaths with sun visors and masks.
Wearing a white hazmat suit and matching headscarf, the priest recites scriptures from Indian scriptures, while traditional wedding songs are played in the background.
Health officer Rajendra Meena told ANI that the bride and family members were sent to the center after they tested positive.
After that, the bride and groom were placed in a central location in isolation, which is part of a network of isolation facilities established in almost every village.
The new guidelines state that the “V-Day” of the NHS will start at the hospital vaccine center and can only manage about 300 coronavirus pricks per day.
Fifty centers across the country will begin the program on Tuesday, when caregivers and NHS staff in their 80s will be inoculated with new Pfizer/BioNTech needles.
However, officials said that the size of the clinic will be greatly increased next week. At that time, the general practitioner clinic will start sending a traveling team to the inspection hospital to vaccinate the most vulnerable population.
The NHS guidelines say that the procedure will not be able to run at full capacity at the beginning because the national agreement for the procedure has not been streamlined.
Coronavirus cases in London continue to rise, raising concerns that the country’s capital will be put into the third tier next week.
After a decline in the second half of November, the seven-day rolling average of all cases in the city’s administrative district rose again, leading to fears that stricter measures might be announced.
The ministers vowed to review grade assignments every 14 days, with the next deadline being December 16th, in order to provide opportunities for areas that take more stringent measures to lower their cases while infections have decreased. However, if the situation increases, the lower level areas may also move up.
The latest data as of December 1st shows that the incidence rate in London was 164 per 100,000 people, compared with 159 in the previous week. London’s R ratio is currently 0.9 to 1.1, which is higher than the average ratio of 0.8 to 1 in England.
We talked to Dr. Ugur Sahin, a pair of powerful partners behind Pfizer Vaccine-this may also lead to cancer breakthroughs:
Archimedes had his bathtub, and Isaac Newton had an apple tree. For Dr. Ugur Sahin and his wife, Dr. Ozlem Türeci, it was a breakfast meeting to discuss a mysterious virus spreading from Wuhan, China, which triggered one of the greatest scientific advancements of the era, in some The place is hailed as the most important scientific advancement since Alexandria. Fleming (Fleming) discovered penicillin in 1928.
Since the United Kingdom became the first country in the world to approve the use of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine (the couple’s company invented the vaccine), Dr. Sahin works at home in an ordinary apartment in Mainz, Germany. Many coronavirus pandemics.
Next to his desk are a few potted plants, and in the next room is a spinning bicycle. When he needs to clean his head, he will grind for miles. Occasionally cars drive along the streets of several floors below. No one looks up and guesses that this is the home of a couple who may have just saved the world.
Dr. Sahin quickly eliminated this praise (he and his wife are also considered the most famous marriage in science since Marie and Pierre Curie, and won the Nobel Prize). Instead, he emphasized that the development of the vaccine is the result of the joint efforts of the team of scientists at BioNTech. BioNTech is a biotechnology company they founded in 2008 and is now worth billions of dollars.
The Ministry of Health said that Italy reported 528 coronavirus-related deaths today, with 564 on Sunday and 13,720 new infections, a decrease from 18,887 the day before, reflecting the usual decline in the number of swabs taken on Sunday. Case.
Since the outbreak in February, Italy is the first Western country to suffer from the virus. Italy has had 60,606 Covid-19 deaths, the second highest death toll in Europe after the United Kingdom. To date, it has also registered 1.74 million cases.
There were 144 new admissions to the intensive care unit, and the number of intensive care patients dropped by 72 to 3,382, reflecting those who died or were discharged after recovery.
When the second wave of epidemics in Italy accelerated rapidly in the first half of November, the number of hospitalizations increased by about 1,000 per day, and the intensive care unit increased by about 100 per day.
Both England Golf and the Angling Trust have written to the government requesting that organized sports and outdoor recreational activities be included in the activities exempted from the level 3 travel restrictions.
Both sports see themselves as a natural distance from society, but since the different levels depend on local authorities, the potential for a favorite activity already depends heavily on the specific facilities within your borders. This also means that any regional or even national crossover games involving tertiary regions must be stopped.
Specific grades are reviewed every two weeks, but current restrictions stipulate that residents should “avoid traveling to other parts of the UK, including overnight stays outside of necessary places, such as work, education, youth services, medical or care responsibilities”.
Campaigners threatened the government to take action, saying they imposed a “package ban” on nursing home residents who visit their family and friends during and after Christmas.
John’s Campaign argued that there are two Covid-19 proposals to provide the public with advice on forming a Christmas “bubble” and getting out of nursing homes, violating equality and human rights laws and legal requirements for nursing homes for every resident who wants to do so. Make a personal decision. Go on a trip.
It said that it is considering challenging the guidelines, and the lawyer will send a pre-action letter (that is, the steps before the formal legal process begins) to the Ministry of Health and Social Care.
The letter stated that these two guidelines “forced to prohibit visits by nursing home residents (at Christmas and other times) over working age.”
It added that the organization believes that “it is illegal to impose a comprehensive ban and fail to communicate with every resident who wishes to visit and ensure that they are individually risk assessed”.
The team pointed out that the government’s Christmas guidelines issued last week stated that spending time with other people outside of nursing homes increases the risk of residents and other people being exposed to Covid-19 when they return, so “visiting should only take working age into consideration. Residents of nursing homes”.
In our “Marriage Diary” column, people share snapshots of their relationships, which can now be seen through the lens of the coronavirus pandemic.
As soon as news of the “Christmas bubble” of the three families came out, my wife’s cell phone rang.
“I know.” She got off the phone and said to her mother. “This is great news, isn’t it? I can’t wait for you all to come here.”
That’s what I have always been afraid of. Just when I thought I could finally realize the Christmas of my dreams-just myself, my wife, my three children and a bribe wheel-were brutally taken away by the government’s Christmas Republican rules.
Now, I have to face the reality that I will spend another Christmas with my wife’s thug: her mother, father and grandmother (they all live together), as well as her sister and her family.
You will see that my wife has quite an ideal view of how these big family gatherings (all entertainment venues and happy restaurants) are conducted, and I know from experience that reality is very different.
Participants at the meeting said that Angela Merkel told party colleagues that the existing lock-in measures were not enough to keep the country through the winter.
Reuters quoted participants as saying: “Relying on hope will not help us.” She told lawmakers during discussions in conservative groups.
Participants quoted her as saying: “The situation has become very serious: these measures are not enough to make us through the winter.” This means that further restrictions are needed.
Prince Charles thanked all those involved in the development of the Covid-19 vaccine, saying that people can “look forward to it with new hope.”
During his visit to Salisbury Cathedral with the Duchess of Cornwall, he said that starting Tuesday, the first batch of vaccines will be administered in dozens of hospital centers.
The engagement was to commemorate the 800th anniversary of the founding of the cathedral. Both the royal couple wore colored masks to greet guests.
Charles said in his speech: “When we gather here, we are deeply aware that all those who walked in front of us bequeathed to us the magnificent heritage of this glorious building and maintained the spiritual community that kept the flames. The faith is here. Lived for many centuries.
“For many years, this belief has sustained this city and this land through many trials, and it has been so during the months of the pandemic we are currently experiencing.
“Over the years, every challenge has been overcome. This is the case today. Thanks to the encouragement of all those involved in providing vaccines, we can now have new hope.”
There are still 2,021 cases of coronavirus in Wales, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 91,013.
The Welsh Department of Public Health reported two other deaths, and the total number of deaths in Wales since the beginning of the pandemic is 2,711.
The Danish Prime Minister announced this morning that most areas of Denmark will resume blockade on Wednesday to control the country’s current surge of infections.
She said: “I fully understand that today’s announcement will hit many of you.” She praised the Danish people for their contribution to the effective management of this pandemic. “But the infection rate is too high and the situation is worrying. Therefore, we must take action to control the infection.”
Including the 38 largest cities, 38 different cities including Copenhagen, Aarhus and Odense will tighten restrictions, and this measure will continue until January 3.
Restaurants, bars, cafes, stadiums, sports centers, swimming pools and indoor areas of museums, theaters, cinemas and libraries will be closed to the public.
Children above the fifth grade are sent home, and all tuition fees for high school and college will be transferred online. Professional sports are not subject to this restriction.
The Danish Institute of Infectious Diseases, SSI, warned that the number of new coronavirus cases per day (more than 2,000 on Friday) could rise to 4,000 before Christmas.
Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s father Stanley said that as long as he is eligible, he will be vaccinated against the coronavirus immediately.
The 80-year-old told PA News Agency that he “will definitely go for vaccinations” and intends to “encourage others to do so.”
Downing Street said earlier today that when the prime minister was asked whether his father should be vaccinated, he encouraged all qualified people to get the coronavirus vaccine.
Mr. Johnson said: “Of course, if my name appears, I certainly welcome this opportunity… I will definitely go for the vaccine.
The Welsh government has stated that if students intend to mix with others when returning to the University of Wales after Christmas, they will be required to undergo two coronavirus tests within three days.
The government said that students who do not want to take the rapid horizontal mobility test will be asked to “lower” for 14 days.
Starting from January 11, the return time of managed students is four weeks, and they will return to in-person teaching in stages. Priority will be given to those who are engaged in health care, on-the-job study or need to use campus facilities.
The Minister of Education for Wales, Kirsty Williams, said: “I know that students will be eager to return to the university campus after the Christmas break, but they want to do so in a safe way.
“We are taking these measures to ensure that people have the confidence to resume face-to-face learning and to minimize the risk of large numbers of students needing to self-isolate during the semester.”
The #Coronavirus vaccine is now being injected all over the UK, and I want to thank the entire team for promoting the vaccine throughout the UK from tomorrow-great progress has been made

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