Why ? Why? Why? Why our machine speed so fast ?

As is know to all, The normal Channel mache speed only 20-25m/min. OUr machine speed can reach 40m/min or more, max speed up to 120m/min. So What is the root cause for improving the speed.


Frist of all, Provision of kinetic energy from motor power. We always use the Siemens motor on the machine, it can provide the enough power for the machine stablely.

For the cutting systyem, we use the tracking cutting, it means we add the servo motor in the shearing system.  Servo motor can control the blade fast and precisely. When the machine cutting the channels, machine no need to stop.

Mold Frame structure improve the precision of forming and running stability. And we also use so thick spacers to fix these rollers.

Turkey head can revise the channels, it can let the profile of channels be perfect.

Post time: Dec-03-2022
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