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Company Introduction

Zhangjiagang Gihua Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer of light steel structure buildings dedicated Color, C, Z equipment and cold-rolled steel, curved molding equipment business, with design and manufacture of various types of thickness steel roll forming production line strength. Choi pressure plate tile and C, Z purlin products are widely used in various types of large and small industrial plants, warehouses, civilian and high-rise buildings. With economic development, construction of light steel structure in building on the growing popularity, the demand for increasing the production equipment, production automation equipment requirements are also increasing, company investment, research and development of various types of color steel pressure plate (Watts) production line and C, Z-shaped steel (purlin) production equipment, easy to operate, improve productivity and reduce production costs. Existing models of color-coated steel pressure plate (W) C, Z-shaped steel (purlin) automatic control production lines are at the leading position at home and abroad, with a compact structure, reasonable design, constantly updated progress much light steel construction companies and products the favor and praise.

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