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Cleveland—As the COVID-19 virus spreads around the world, the demand for disposable medical gloves has surged due to slowing manufacturing speeds and trade restrictions.
In addition to the increase in the number of hospitalizations caused by fatal respiratory diseases, Freedonia Group analysts have been studying other factors related to the impact of the pandemic on the global disposable medical glove market.
The market is currently growing at a double-digit rate, but it is expected to return to a more sustainable level. The forecast calls for an annual growth rate of 5.7% by 2024.
Freedonia’s research focuses on disposable powder-free powder examination gloves, surgical gloves and laboratory gloves, mainly made of latex, nitrile, vinyl, TPE or CPE. The report does not include all reusable gloves and disposable gloves designed for industrial, commercial, food service or agricultural applications.
Freedonia said that as more and more countries gradually improve their healthcare standards and hygiene practices, the demand for disposable medical gloves will continue to be driven by developing markets.
In developed markets, growth will be driven by an aging population, but will be limited by trends in telemedicine and market maturity.
Freedonia’s report is called “Global Disposable Medical Gloves: An Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19″ and also provides perspectives and analysis of virus trends, patient activity and supply chain issues.
Freedonia Group is an international industrial research company, affiliated with
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Post time: Nov-06-2020
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