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What is a metal ridge cap in construction?


What Is a Ridge Cap? What is the purpose of the ridge cap?


Ridge cap is a special shingle that was designed for the harsh wind that hits the ridge of a roof. A ridge cap will not only be thicker than a regular shingle, they are also pre-bent. A cheap roofer will try and use 3-tab shingles which will crack over time due to the bend.


Metal Roof Ridge Caps Lock Out Drafts, Rain, and Pests


Every roof (except a flat roof) has a ridge and many roofs actually have multiple ridges. In order to protect your roof and home, ridge caps are used to allow air to flow through the attic, while also protecting your home from.


Ridge caps are the most important step in enclosing a metal roofing structure. Running on top  of the roof or ridge, metal roof ridge caps join the two adjoining metal roof panels on either side of the roof joint and conceal continuous ridge vent systems. Inferior metal ridge caps— or poorly installed ridge caps create a poor weather seal over the roof and complications for the home or business owner.






Benefits of Using a Hat or High Profile Metal Ridge caps?


This type of ridge cap eliminates all the issues that a flat ridge cap presents and allows more efficient airflow through the ridge vent.




Metal roof ridge caps are made in the identical metal, gauge, tensile strength and color as the roofing panels. Produced by the same system that creates the shape of the roofing panels, these ridge caps are then formed to shape the contour of the metal product.




Ridge caps fit tightly with metal roofing panels, attaching metal-to-metal with self-tapping screws. Applying high-quality tape sealant provides a water resistant barrier among the ridge cap and the metal panels. The end result is an appealing metal structure with a tightly sealed metal roof and a structure with years of problem-free service.




What materials can be used for a ridge cap?






Metal roof ridge caps can be made from a variety of materials, including aluminum, iron,copper. These materials can be painted or treated to blend in color and style with the rest of your roofing.






Post time: Feb-28-2023
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